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About Us

The Fingersmith Letterpress is a letterpress printing studio based in Singapore specializing in hand lettering and illustration.

Established in 2013, its founder, Jackie, cranks out her kooky creations with ‘Klaus’, a Heidelberg “Windmill” in a backyard studio dug out from a piece of garden land highly coveted by her parents as vegetation space.

We thought hard about our mission, something to stand out from the masses of today's digerati; but in truth, all we want is to create works from the random things that inspire us in life, dabble in not-so-serious projects, caress paper and sniff ink.

Jacqueline Goh (Jackie), Director and Designer

Always one to thread the unconventional path, Jackie went on to pursue her passion for letterpress printing upon graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. She is usually found buried in her sketchbook doodling not so serious things:

Besides the love of being covered in ink, she enjoys tinkering with her analog cameras and dabbles in occasional woodwork.

Write to her at


Sumo, Studio Dog, Stamp Licker

When he is not pretending to be a guard dog, Sumo loves to laze around the studio and offer any form of moral support. If you see him, refrain from giving him treats as he is on a diet.

Meet our Presses and Machines

All our machines and presses have been given a second chance in life and we are glad that our studio is now home for them.

Edward Slice Hands Senior,

Edward senior was rescued from a printing warehouse. We restored his ego as the main go-to guy when things need to be trimmed to size.

Thelma and Louis,
Adana table top press

These feisty ladies in red came to us all the way from England with humble beginnings in 1953.

They are in charge of printing small job orders and when we need to show them off at events.

Klaus Heissler,
Heidelberg “Windmill”

Born in the 60s, Klaus sat abandoned in a dark corner of a print house till we took him in.

Though needing minimal restoration, he can still be a little reserved at times, choosing to clam up and refusing to print.

Presses and Machines